Education Commitment

The CCIC is committed to engaging health care practitioners regarding therapeutic issues surrounding cananbinoids through access to on-line learning tools. This will serve to foster continued professional development of its members. The general public may also access general information on cannabinoids and links to other credible organizations.

Online Cannabinoid Education

Access the Cannabinoid Education (ACE) Programs 2009 and 2010





NIH Marijuana and Cannabinoids: A Neuroscience Research Summit (Day 1)

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Fill out a Cannabinoid Education Needs assessment

Please take a few moments to help us identify the educational needs surrounding cannabinoids by completing our needs assessment survey.

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Results from our ACE 3 education program

With BenchMarkCME™, the CCIC and RxMedia Healthcare Communications have attempted to measure individual participant perceptions related to the acquisition of knowledge as well as a documented change in clinical behaviour through a blend of assessment, CME, interaction with peers, and return to clinical practice for application. In this intervention, the participants’ increased knowledge and practice elements related to incorporating the use of medical cannabinoids into clinical use was assessed.

View the the Benchmark program results (pdf).

Cannabinoid Poster

The CCIC worked with a graduate of the University of Toronto, Biomedical Communications Program to create a unique educational poster on cannabinoids. You may have seen it at the CCIC conference booth.

This unique poster captures in one diagram the complexities of cannabinoid physiology and the endocannabinoid system in a colorful and exciting way that reflects the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids.

You can now order a poster online by visiting the Educational Materials Section here.