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Global Sponsorship

Become a global sponsor of the Consortium to ensure the sustainability of our ongoing pursuit for increased cannabinoid research and education. Global sponsorship gives the Consortium the means to develop, plan, implement, and evaluate events and initiatives. Beyond salary support, office space, online presence, and providing a forum for networking, global sponsors enable the Consortium to be actively engaged national and international initiatives, such as membership with; the United Nations Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs, Health Canada expert panels, McGill University Faculty of Medicine Continuing Education Research Group, Quebec Pain Research Network, International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, and more. Global sponsorship may be payment to the CCIC or other in-kind contributions. Different levels of contribution come with different levels of recognition.

Platinum – $50,000 for the calendar year

  • Highest level of visibility on website
  • Highest level of visibility on CCIC Social Media
  • First priority selection of initiative specific sponsorship opportunities
  • First priority selection of National Congress sponsorship options and booth space
  • Facilitation of a CCIC/Sponsor meeting

Gold – $30,000 for the calendar year

  • High level of visibility on website
  • High level of visibility on CCIC Social Media
  • High priority selection of initiative specific sponsorship opportunities
  • High priority selection of National Congress sponsorship options and booth space

Silver – $10,000 for the calendar year

  • Visibility on website
  • Visibility on CCIC Social Media


Beyond Global Sponsorship there are a range of opportunities to support specific CCIC initiatives. We are pleased to invite you to explore the following sponsorship opportunities for the following initiatives in 2016-2017.


The CCIC Newsletter is an electronic publication distributed monthly to our members and supporters. With a reach of approximately 1000 the newsletter provides news, events, clinical research, interviews, policy updates, research updates and other important information on cannabinoids. Sponsorship of the CCIC newsletter includes :

  • Written acknowledgement in each newsletter
  • Company logo included with acknowledgement
  • Recognition on the CCIC website as Newsletter Supporter
  • Recognition in the CCIC annual report
  • The opportunity to present their company in one edition (company description and interview with CEO or other designated company employee)

Cost of sponsoring 12 issues : $6,000


Established in January 2015, The CCIC PODCASTs are monthly audio recordings available to listeners and subscribers through iTunes, RSS, and the CCIC website. The professionally produced podcasts range from 10 to 20 minutes each. Each features an interview by the CCIC Executive Director of an internationally renowned key opinion leader in cannabinoid science or policy. During the 2015-2016 year, CCIC PODCASTS were listened to over 15 000 times. Sponsorship of the PODCAST includes :

  • Verbal acknowledgement during the PODCAST
  • Logo inclusion in PODCAST transcript
  • Recognition on CCIC website
  • Recognition in CCIC annual report
  • Report for each support edition including PODCAST audio file, transcript, interviewee biography or other related materials

Cost of sponsoring PODCASTS : $2,000 each or annual support (12 PODCASTS) for $20,000


The CCIC Annual Funding Competition awards funds to Canadian trainees for their cannabinoid research efforts. Our funding competition attracts applications from across the country, spanning basic science research, social science, and clinical research trainees. Support the CCIC research awards to help ensure the ongoing future of cannabinoid research in Canada.

Since 2010 the CCIC has awarded $96,500.00 to 53 Canadian graduate students in support of their cannabinoid research efforts. These awards have contributed to the presentation of 17 oral presentations and 27 posters presentations at national and international conferences. These awards have also contributed to 10 research initiatives leading to publications in top journals such as the journal Neuroscience, and The British Journal of Pharmacology.

Sponsorship of the annual funding competition includes.

  • Recognition as a Funding Competition Supporter on the CCIC website
  • Recognition as a Funding Competition Supporter in all announcements and publications related to the funding competition
  • Logo inclusion in Funding Competition materials
  • Acknowledgement, along with the CCIC, on the student’s poster or in the student’s presentation (if applicable).

Support of the entire annual funding competition $30,000

Support of individual awards :

  • Student Research Support Award - $5,000 each (Annual target of 3 awards)
  • Trainee Conference Travel Award - $15,00 each ( (Annual target of 10 awards)

Discuss with us your interest in supporting other new and exciting funding awards, such as; Clinical Research Recognition Awards, Pre-clinical Research Recognition Awards, Lab Exchanges


The CCIC regularly produces high quality and timely printed materials on cannabinoids. Past examples of printed materials include; a physician reference cards, educational poster, white-paper, journal supplements, cannabis checklist, topic specific one-pagers, educational video.

Contact us to discuss how you can support current and future CCIC materials.


Please refer to the event specific Exhibitor Prospectus and Support Opportunities document for information on how to become involved in Canada’s premier Continuing Professional Development activity on Cannabinoids in Clinical Practice.


The CCIC and its associated research scientist members may be available for sponsored research opportunities. These have included the following initiatives :

  • Guideline development
  • Clinical studies
  • Indication, strain, epidemiology studies
  • Dosing or titration studies


All amounts of support are appreciated. Customize your level of support based on the amount you, or your organization, can provide. Forms of customized support may include; general sponsorship, unrestricted educational grants, and donations.

Download the Sponsorship Package & Support Opportunities

To download the Sponsorship Package & Support Opportunities document please click here.


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