Cannabis Checklist

The CCIC designed a checklist for health care practitioners considering cannabis as a treatment option. This page includes the checklist along with a link to provide feedback, information about the checklist and a description of how it was developed.

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Instructions for use

Checklist download and Instructions for use:
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About the checklist

The use of cannabis for medical purposes in most jurisdictions requires the support of a physician or other health care professional. Based on known risks of recreational cannabis use and prescription cannabinoids, some suggestions for screening can be made, but comprehensive guidance on screening and monitoring patients using cannabis for medical purposes is lacking.

To address the need for practical clinical tools, we designed a checklist from existing guidelines and recommendations of cannabis use under recreational and medical conditions. The checklist is intended to provide a framework for practicing clinicians to facilitate patient screening and monitoring.

Checklist development

The development of this checklist was completed in a systematic way with input from Canadian primary care and specialist clinicians. The foundations of the checklist stemmed from publications related to clinical use of cannabis and cannabinoids, and prescription cannabinoid product monographs. Evaluating construct validity enabled the potential role of the checklist to be considered, and to subsequently make additions, deletions and structural changes to improve practicality. Evaluations for construct validity were based on clinical expertise and pilot testing. The evaluation of content validity was quantitative and ensured that only relevant items were retained based on agreement of relevance among expert participants. The result is a practical clinical resource for Canadian HCPs when considering medical cannabis as a treatment option for a patient. For more information on the checklist development please contact


This checklist is intended to be a reference tool for the evaluation of a patient for medical cannabis by a health professional. This is not intended for use as a screening questionnaire. This is not a validated clinical guideline. It is intended to provide a basis for a thorough assessment of the patient, their health status, risk factors, contraindications and expectations, to guide specific examination strategies, and to establish goals for medical cannabis use and monitoring


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