CCIC Member Publications

Many CCIC members are active researchers. The CCIC began listing publications by its members in early 2011, based on PubMed tracking of (endo)cannabinoid research. Please note this list is not exhaustive especially considering that our membership base is constantly growing. If you would like to comment on any listing or suggest a listing, please do not hesitate to contact the CCIC staff by email at .

CCIC Author(s) Date Article Link
Gueye AB, Le Foll B 27/04/2016 Effects of various cannabinoid ligands on choice behaviour in a rat model of gambling. PMID: 26905189
Fischer B, Le Foll B 01/04/2016 Effects of fixed or self-titrated dosages of Sativex on cannabis withdrawal and cravings. PMID: 26925704
Ware M 04/03/2016 Cannabis in Pain Treatment: Clinical & Research Considerations. PMID: 26961090
Fischer, B 02/01/2015 Medical marijuana programs - Why might they matter for public health and why should we better understand their impacts? PMID: 26844050
Scullion K, Spanswick SC, Hill MN 28/01/2016 Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) affects forelimb motor map expression but has little effect on skilled and unskilled behavior. PMID: 26826333
Le Foll, B 11/02/2016 Attenuation of cue-induced reinstatement of nicotine seeking by URB597 through cannabinoid CB1 receptor in rats. PMID: 26864774
Mitchell 05/01/2016 Public health benefits from legalizing cannabis: both sides of the coin. PMID: 26729486
Le Foll, B 18/02/2016 Blockade of Nicotine and Cannabinoid Reinforcement and Relapse by a Cannabinoid CB1-Receptor Neutral Antagonist AM4113 and Inverse Agonist Rimonabant in Squirrel Monkeys. PMID: 26888056
Carins EA, Kelly ME 01/01/2016 The Endocannabinoid System as a Therapeutic Target in Glaucoma. PMID: 26881140
Bagher AM, Laprairie RB, Kelly ME, Denovan-Wright EM. 06/04/2016 Antagonism of dopamine receptor 2 long (D2L) affects cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) signaling in a cell culture model of striatal medium spiny projection neurons. PMID: 27053685
Le Foll, B 01/01/2016 Screening Medications for the Treatment of Cannabis Use Disorder. PMID: 27055612
Ware, MA 01/04/2016 Cannabis and cancer: toward a new understanding. PMID: 27022313
Ware MA 2015/09/08 Inhaled cannabis for chronic neuropathic pain: an individual patient data meta-analysis. PMID: 26362106
Fischer B 2015/08/14 Illicit drug use and harms, and related interventions and policy in Canada: A narrative review of select key indicators and developments since 2000. PMID: 26359046
Rock EM, Limebeer CL, Parker LA. 2015/09/18 Effect of combined doses of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) on acute and anticipatory nausea using rat (Sprague- Dawley) models of conditioned gaping. PMID: 26381155
Lucas P, Walsh Z, Belle-Isle L, Capler R 2015/09/14 Substituting cannabis for prescription drugs, alcohol and other substances among medical cannabis patients: The impact of contextual factors. PMID: 26364922
Stout JM, Hudson D, Page JE 2015/08/26 The Genetic Structure of Marijuana and Hemp. PMID: 26308334
Simone JJ, Malivoire BL, McCormick CM. 2015/10/15 Effects of CB1 receptor agonism and antagonism on behavioral fear and physiological stress responses in adult intact, ovariectomized, and estradiol-replaced female rats. PMID: 26311003
St-Amant H, Ware MA; Julien N, Lacasse, A 2015/07/27 Prevalence and determinants of cannabinoid prescription for the management of chronic noncancer pain: a postal survey of physicians in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region of Quebec. CMAJ Open
Laprairie RB, Bagher AM, Kelly ME, Denovan-Wright EM. 2015/07/27 Cannabidiol is a negative allosteric modulator of the type 1 cannabinoid receptor. PMID:26218440
Craft RM. 2015/08/01 The impact of gonadal hormones on cannabinoid dependence. PMID:26237318
Jutras-Aswad D. 2015/08/13 Early Phase in the Development of Cannabidiol as a Treatment for Addiction: Opioid Relapse Takes Initial Center Stage. PMID:26269227
Fichna J.  2015/08/05 Cannabinoids Regulate Intestinal Motor Function and Electrophysiological Activity of Myocytes in Rodents. PMID:26254701
Le Foll B. 2015/03/01 Impact of age at onset of cannabis use on cannabis dependence and driving under the influence in the United States. PMID:25543035
Storr MA, Bashashati M, Sharkey KA. 2015/05/01 AM841, a covalent cannabinoid ligand, powerfully slows gastrointestinal motility in normal and stressed mice in a peripherally restricted manner. PMID:25572435 | PMCID:PMC4403103
Fischer B, 2015/01/28 Crude estimates of cannabis-attributable mortality and morbidity in Canada-implications for public health focused intervention priorities. PMID:25630540
Fischer B. 2015/06/01 Cannabis legalization with strict regulation, the overall superior policy option for public health. PMID:25677377
Parker LA, Rock EM, Sticht MA, Wills KL, Limebeer CL. 2015/06/01 Cannabinoids suppress acute and anticipatory nausea in pre-clinical rat models of conditioned gaping. PMID:25691302
Sticht MA, Jacklin DL, Mechoulam R, Parker LA, Winters BD. 2015/03/25 Intraperirhinal cortex administration of the synthetic cannabinoid, HU210, disrupts object recognition memory in rats. PMID:25714419
Ware MA, Ziemianski D. 2015/06/01 Medical education on cannabis and cannabinoids: Perspectives, challenges and opportunities. PMID:25728558
Bolognini D, Ross RA. 2015/06/01 Medical cannabis vs synthetic cannabinoids: What does the future hold? PMID:25761845
Lynch ME, Ware MA. 2015/06/01 Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: An Updated Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials. PMID:25796592
Roser P. 2015/03/23 Alterations of monetary reward and punishment processing in chronic cannabis users: an FMRI study. PMID:25799565 | PMCID:PMC4370729
Le Foll B, 2015/06/01 Cannabinoids: Friend or foe? PMID:25801347
Gueye AB, Le Foll B. 2015/03/25 Role of the endogenous cannabinoid system in nicotine addiction: novel insights. PMID:25859226 | PMCID:PMC4373509
Turcotte C, Flamand N. 2015/06/01 Regulation of inflammation by cannabinoids, the endocannabinoids 2-arachidonoyl-glycerol and arachidonoyl-ethanolamide, and their metabolites. PMID:25877930
Ziemianski D, Capler R, Tekanoff R, Lacasse A, Luconi F, Ware MA. 2015/03/19 Cannabis in medicine: a national educational needs assessment among Canadian physicians. PMID:25888752 | PMCID:PMC4374299
Wakley AA, Craft RM 2015/04/08 Gonadal hormones do not alter the development of antinociceptive tolerance to delta-9-thc in adult rats. PMID: 25863271
Wotjak CT 2015/08/01 2-AG promotes the expression of conditioned fear via cannabinoid receptor type 1 on GABAergic neurons. PMID:25814137
Keenan CM, Storr MA, ... Bashashati M, Hu H, Mackie K, Makriyannis A, Sharkey KA. 2015/01/09 AM841, a covalent cannabinoid ligand, powerfully slows gastrointestinal motility in normal and stressed mice in a peripherally-restricted manner. PMID: 25572435
Purves RW, Ambrose SJ, Clark SM, Stout JM, Page JE. 2014/12/17 Separation of isomeric short-chain acyl-CoAs in plant matrices using ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry. PMID: 25553535
Tripp DA, Nickel JC, Katz L, Krsmanovic A, Ware MA, Santor D. 2014/11/08 A survey of cannabis (marijuana) use and self-reported benefit in men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. PMID: 25553163
Le Strat Y, Dubertret C, Le Foll B. 2014/12/24 Impact of age at onset of cannabis use on cannabis dependence and driving under the influence in the United States. PMID: 25543035
Bowles, NP, et. al., Hill, MN 2014/12/22 A peripheral endocannabinoid mechanism contributes to glucocorticoid-mediated metabolic syndrome. PMID: 25535367
Moulin D, et al 2014/11/01 Pharmacological management of chronic neuropathic pain: Revised consensus statement from the Canadian Pain Society. PMID: 25479151
Jetly R, Heber A, Fraser G, Boisvert D. 2014/11/08 The efficacy of nabilone, a synthetic cannabinoid, in the treatment of PTSD-associated nightmares: A preliminary randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over design study. PMID: 25467221
Fischer BA. et al. 2014/11/22 Risk-taking in schizophrenia and controls with and without cannabis dependence. PMID: 25467541
Ulugöl A. 2014/06/13 The endocannabinoid system as a potential therapeutic target for pain modulation. PMID: 25207181
Tosun NC, Gunduz O, Ulugöl A. 2014/06/11 Attenuation of serotonin-induced itch responses by inhibition of endocannabinoid degradative enzymes, fatty acid amide hydrolase and monoacylglycerol lipase. PMID: 24915981
Saglam G, Gunduz O, Ulugöl A. 2014/01/08 Blockade of cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptors does not prevent the antipruritic effect of systemic paracetamol. PMID: 24399199
Krustev E, Reid A, McDougall JJ.
2014/09/27 Tapping into the endocannabinoid system to ameliorate acute inflammatory flares and associated pain in mouse knee joints. PMID: 25260980
Belle-Isle, L.; , Hathaway, A. 2007/04/01 Barriers to access to medical cannabis for Canadians living with HIV/AIDS. PMID: 17453590
Belle-Isle, L., Walsh, Z., Callaway, C., Lucas, P., Capler, R. , Kay, R., Holtzman, S., Marshall, J., Stratton, T. & Woodworth, M. 2014/07/01 Barriers to access for Canadians who use cannabis for therapeutic purposes. PMID: 24947993
Wakley AA, Wiley JL, Craft RM.
2014/08/02 Sex differences in antinociceptive tolerance to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol in the rat. PMID: 25131716
McSherry JW. .
2014/06/10 Spice, pot, and stroke. PMID: 24912509
Salaga M, Storr M, Fichna J. .
2014/08/07 Cross-talk between serotonin and cannabinoid signaling in the gut, new insights and future perspectives. PMID: 25109671
von Rüden EL, Jafari M, Bogdanovic RM, Wotjak CT, Potschka H.
2014/08/11 Analysis in conditional cannabinoid 1 receptor-knockout mice reveals neuronal subpopulation-specific effects on epileptogenesis in the kindling paradigm. PMID: 25123336
Fitzcharles MA et. al including McDougall. JJ and Walsh, Z. .
2014/07/30 Rheumatologists lack confidence in their knowledge of cannabinoids pertaining to the management of rheumatic complaints. PMID: 25080153
Slawson G... Balneaves. L et al.
2014/07/11 High-Intensity Cannabis Use and Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Among People Who Use Illicit Drugs in a Canadian Setting. PMID: 25012624
O'Brien LD, Sticht MA, Mitchnick KA, Limebeer CL, Parker LA, Winters BD.
2014/07/05 CB1 receptor antagonism in the granular insular cortex or somatosensory area facilitates consolidation of object recognition memory. PMID: 25004406
Lee T et al.
2014/06/04 Morphological and Behavioural Evidence for Impaired Prefrontal Cortical Function in Female CB1 Receptor Deficient Mice. Science Direct
Sałaga M, ... Storr M, ... Fichna J. et al.
2014/07/00 Novel Orally Available Salvinorin A Analog PR-38 Inhibits Gastrointestinal Motility and Reduces Abdominal Pain in Mouse Models Mimicking Irritable Bowel Syndrome. PubMed ID:
Thurstone C et al.
2014/04/00 Temporal trends in marijuana attitudes, availability and use in Colorado compared to non-medical marijuana states: 2003-11. PubMed ID:
Thurstone C et al.
2014/04/00 Trends in fatal motor vehicle crashes before and after marijuana commercialization in Colorado. PubMed ID:
Turcotte C, Flamand N. et al.
2014/05/00 Mechanisms of human eosinophil migration induced by the combination of IL-5 and the endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoyl-glycerol. PubMed ID:
Storr M et al.
2014/05/00 An Internet survey of marijuana and hot shower use in adults with cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS). PubMed ID:
Sardinha J, Kelly ME, Zhou J, Lehmann C.
2014/04/03 Experimental cannabinoid 2 receptor-mediated immune modulation in sepsis. PubMed ID:
Fichna J, Storr M et al.
2013/12/00 Selective inhibition of FAAH produces antidiarrheal and antinociceptive effect mediated by endocannabinoids and cannabinoid-like fatty acid amides. PubMed ID:
Fichna J, Storr M et al.
2013/12/00 Endocannabinoid and Cannabinoid-Like Fatty Acid Amide Levels Correlate with Pain-Related Symptoms in Patients with IBS-D and IBS-C: A Pilot Study. PubMed ID:
Schicho R, Storr M.
2013/12/00 IBD: Patients with IBD find symptom relief in the Cannabis field. PubMed ID:
Thurstone C, Lajoie T.
2014/01/00 Heart rate variability biofeedback in adolescent substance abuse treatment. PubMed ID:
Desroches J, Bouchard JF, Gendron L, Beaulieu P.
2013/12/00 Involvement of cannabinoid receptors in peripheral and spinal morphine analgesia. PubMed ID:
Laprairie RB, Warford JR, Hutchings S, Robertson GS, Kelly ME, Denovan-Wright EM.
2013/12/00 The cytokine and endocannabinoid systems are co-regulated by NF-κB p65/RelA in cell culture and transgenic mouse models of Huntington's disease and in striatal tissue from Huntington's disease patients. PubMed ID:
Schicho R, Storr M.
2013/12/00 Cannabis Finds Its Way into Treatment of Crohn's Disease. PubMed ID:
Gunduz-Cinar O, Hill MN, McEwen BS, Holmes A.
2013/11/00 Amygdala FAAH and anandamide: mediating protection and recovery from stress. PubMed ID:
Toguri JT, Lehmann C, Laprairie RB, Szczesniak AM, Zhou J, Denovan-Wright EM, Kelly ME.
2013/12/00 Anti-inflammatory effects of Cannabinoid 2 Receptor activation in endotoxin-induced uveitis. PubMed ID:
Sharkey KA, Darmani NA, Parker LA.
2013/10/00 Regulation of nausea and vomiting by cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. PubMed ID:
Hazekamp A, Ware MA, Muller-Vahl KR, Abrams D, Grotenhermen F.
2013/08/00 The medicinal use of cannabis and cannabinoids--an international cross-sectional survey on administration forms. PubMed ID:
Nevalainen T.
2013/10/00 Recent Development of CB2 Selective and Peripheral CB1/CB2 Cannabinoid Receptor Ligands. PubMed ID:
Parker. L
2013/10/21 Conditioned flavor avoidance and conditioned gaping: Rat models of conditioned nausea. PubMed ID:
Desroches J, Charron S, Bouchard JF, Beaulieu P.
2013/11/00 Endocannabinoids decrease neuropathic pain-related behavior in mice through the activation of one or both peripheral CB1 and CB2 receptors. PubMed ID:
Le Foll B, Pushparaj A, Pryslawsky Y, Forget B, Vemuri K, Makriyannis A, Trigo JM.
2013/10/17 Translational strategies for therapeutic development in nicotine addiction: Rethinking the conventional bench to bedside approach. PubMed ID:
Cluny NL, Baraboi ED, Mackie K, Burdyga G, Richard D, Dockray GJ, Sharkey KA.
2013/10/00 High fat diet and body weight have different effects on cannabinoid CB1 receptor expression in rat nodose ganglia. PubMed ID:
O'Brien LD, Limebeer CL, Rock EM, Bottegoni G, Piomelli D, Parker LA.
2013/11/00 Anandamide transport inhibition by ARN272 attenuates nausea-induced behaviour in rats, and vomiting in shrews (Suncus murinus). PubMed ID:
Isralowitz R, Reznik A.
2013/10/14 Cannabis Use Among High-Risk Youth in Israel (2004-2011): An Examination of Gender and Country of Origin Status. PubMed ID:
Thurstone C, et al.
2013/11/00 Prevalence and predictors of injection drug use and risky sexual behaviors among adolescents in substance treatment. PubMed ID:
Lee TT, Wainwright SR, Hill MN, Galea LA, Gorzalka BB.
2013/10/16 Sex, drugs, and adult neurogenesis: Sex-dependent effects of escalating adolescent cannabinoid exposure on adult hippocampal neurogenesis, stress reactivity and amphetamine sensitization. PubMed ID:
Walsh Z, Callaway R, Belle-Isle L, Capler R, Kay R, Lucas P, Holtzman S.
2013/09/09 Cannabis for therapeutic purposes: Patient characteristics, access, and reasons for use. PubMed ID:
Bagher AM, Laprairie RB, Kelly ME, Denovan-Wright EM.
2013/10/01 Co-expression of the human cannabinoid receptor coding region splice variants (hCB1) affects the function of hCB1 receptor complexes. PubMed ID:
Rock EM, Parker LA.
2013/09/04 Suppression of lithium chloride-induced conditioned gaping (a model of nausea-induced behaviour) in rats (using the taste reactivity test) with metoclopramide is enhanced by cannabidiolic acid. PubMed ID:
Mechoulam R, Parker L.
2013/09/11 Towards a better Cannabis drug. PubMed ID:
Rock EM, Sticht MA, Duncan M, Stott C, Parker LA.
2013/07/31 Evaluation of the potential of the phytocannabinoids, cannabidivarin (CBDV) and Δ9 -tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), to produce CB1 receptor inverse agonism symptoms of nausea in rats. PubMed ID:
Rock E, Kopstick R, Limebeer C, Parker L.
2013/07/25 Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid reduces nausea-induced conditioned gaping in rats and vomiting in Suncus murinus. PubMed ID:
Aggarwal SK, Carter GT, Zumbrunnen C, Morrill R, Sullivan M, Mayer JD.
2013/04/00 From 32 ounces to zero: a medical geographic study of dispensing a cultivated batch of "plum" cannabis flowers to medical marijuana patients in Washington State. PubMed ID:
Papanti D, Schifano F, Botteon G, Bertossi F, Mannix J, Vidoni D, Impagnatiello M, Pascolo-Fabrici E, Bonavigo T.
2013/07/00 "Spiceophrenia": a systematic overview of "Spice"-related psychopathological issues and a case report. PubMed ID:
Ware MA.
2013/06/00 Cannabis and the lung: no more smoking gun? PubMed ID:
Lev-Ran S, Roerecke M, Le Foll B, George TP, McKenzie K, Rehm J.
2013/06/00 The association between cannabis use and depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal studies. PubMed ID:
Wamsteeker Cusulin JI, Füzesi T, Inoue W, Bains JS.
2013/05/00 Glucocorticoid feedback uncovers retrograde opioid signaling at hypothalamic synapses. PubMed ID:
Lynch ME, Cesar-Rittenberg P, Hohmann AG.
2013/06/00 A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Pilot Trial With Extension Using an Oral Mucosal Cannabinoid Extract for Treatment of Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathic Pain. PubMed ID:
Duncan M, Galic MA, Wang A, Chambers AP, McCafferty DM, McKay DM, Sharkey KA, Pittman QJ.
2013/06/05. Cannabinoid (CB)1 receptors are critical for the innate immune response to TLR4 stimulation. PubMed ID:
Joel Sardinha, Christian Lehmann, Melanie Kelly,
2013/06/00 Targeting the Endocannabinoid System to Treat Sepsis.
SIGNA VITAE; 2013 8(1): 9 - 14
Craft RM, Kandasamy R, Davis SM.
2013/05/15 Sex differences in anti-allodynic, anti-hyperalgesic and anti-edema effects of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol in the rat. PubMed ID:
Santos Cruz M, Andrade T, Bastos FI, Leal E, Bertoni N, Villar LM, Tiesmaki M, Fischer B.
2013/04/27 Key drug use, health and socio-economic characteristics of young crack users in two Brazilian cities. PubMed ID:
Li K, Fichna J, Schicho R, Saur D, Bashashati M, Mackie K, Li Y, Zimmer A, Göke B, Sharkey KA, Storr M.
2013/04/18 A role for O-1602 and G protein-coupled receptor GPR55 in the control of colonic motility in mice. PubMed ID:
Kowal MA, Hazekamp A, Colzato LS, van Steenbergen H, Hommel B.
2013/04/18 Modulation of cognitive and emotional processing by cannabidiol: the role of the anterior cingulate cortex. PubMed ID:
Laprairie RB, Kelly ME, Denovan-Wright EM.
2013/04/16 Cannabinoids increase type 1 cannabinoid receptor expression in a cell culture model of striatal neurons: implications for Huntington's disease. PubMed ID:
Aggarwal SK, Carter G, Sullivan M, Morrill R, Zumbrunnen C, Mayer J.