How to use the forum

1. Log-in
2. The "Member Discussions" forum will become available
3. Review posts, reply, post new discussion topics
4. Email with any comments, questions, concerns.

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  • Forum for CCIC Members and Supporters
    The CCIC Forum is for members and supporters only.
    Login is required to view and participate in the forum.

    The forum is designed to network the CCIC community by providing a safe atmosphere to discuss relevant issues.

    For support, to report issues or concerns, please email
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  • Login to Access the Forum
    1. Log-in
    2. CCIC Member Discussions forum will appear below
    3. Click on the CCIC Member Discussions to access
    4. Post questions for your colleagues
    5. Review & reply to existing posts
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  • How to Login
    Using the Login fields below
    1. Enter your username.
    - By default, your username is the email address you used to apply to join the CCIC.
    2. Enter your password.
    - Your forum password is the password you created when applying to join the CCIC.

    Notes regarding your password:
    You have a different login username and password for the forum than the website and this password is different from the automatically generated one you were sent when your application was approved.
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